the golden kernel award

The Golden Kernel Awards

our 2023 winner Kenneth Buescher

What is the Golden Kernel Award?
Starting in 1991, this award is presented to North Ridgeville residents involved in the community, making it a better place to live. The North Ridgeville Corn Festival Committee will review nominations, and the winners will be announced on Friday at the North Ridgeville Corn Festival Opening Ceremonies.
How is the Golden Kernel Chosen?

Nominations are taken from the public. We encourage you to nominate! Nominations from the public constitute those under consideration each year. Nominees submitted from the previous year who have not received the award are held for consideration the following years. The Committee does NOT enter names into nomination. All eligible nominees come from you the public! If you have questions or concerns please contact us we are happy to to answer your questions. Thank you to everyone who makes the time to nominate!

Submissions are now OPEN for 2024 Nominations. 

Golden Kernel Award Nomination
Join us in recognizing outstanding community members who have made a lasting impact on North Ridgeville. Nominate someone deserving of the prestigious Golden Kernel Award by filling out the form below. Tell us how they have actively contributed to the betterment of our community, share specific examples of their positive impact, and highlight their involvement in community organizations. Help us celebrate their dedication and leadership. Together, let's honor those who have made North Ridgeville a better place to live.
Name of Nominee
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How has the nominee actively contributed to the betterment of the North Ridgeville community through their hands-on involvement, impactful activities, and effective leadership?
Can you providespecific examples or stories that highlight the nominee's positive impact on the community?
Which community organizations has the nominee been a dedicated member of, contributing their time and efforts to support their initiatives and goals?
Are there any other exceptional qualities, skills, or attributes that make the nominee deserving of the Golden Kernel Award?
How long has the nominee been involved in the community?
Our Honored Past Winners




Kenneth Buescher


Dennis Boose

2022William Gardner
2021Leo Hill
2019Roger Galipo
2019Gary & Toni Krone
2018Nancy Gavin
2017Jo-Ell Jacobson
2016Bob Boll
2015James Hurst
2014Robert Kirkpatrick
2013John Kapelka
2012Robert Schmittgen
2011Betty Lou Palmer
2010Chuck Bowman
2009Andy Steirer
2008Jessie Lawell
2008Mary Ann Serazin
2007Mary Zacharias
2007Bryan Vidler
2006Carol & Thomas Klear
2005Catherine & Vincent Farrell
2004Russell Sigsworth
2004Pat Hadaway
2003Gene Kleinholz
2003Margaret Truman
2002Marcella Baldauf
2002Warren Blakely
2001Raymond Diederich
2001Loyola Diederich
2000Richard Noll
2000Nancy Bowman
1999Regina Comerford
1998Dorothy & Raymond Grega
1997Gail Minnich
1997Chuck Robison
1996Mel McGlaughlin
1996Nancy Franks
1995Marge & Don Baker
1994Lorna & Harold Sweet
1993Dorothy & Harry Painter
1993Norm Gerhart
1993June Yost
1992Bernard Noll
1992Marian Gardner-Stafford
1991Urban Buescher
1991Lois Sullivan
1991Sandy Gast
1991Walter Skip Hoffstetter

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